Ready to hit the hardwood?​
August, March 24, 2019
Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center
2924 4th Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm (game schedule released week of tournament)
Register for Pursuit 3x3
Sat. March 30, 2020
Sidwell Friends High School
3825 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016
9:00 am - 4:00 pm (game schedule released week of tournament)
Register for Pursuit 3x3

3x3 Games​ 

Teams: Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three games. 

On the court: 3 vs 3, if a team does not have three players, due to an injury or another issue, they can continue to play with two players.

​Game schedule: Schedules will be emailed and posted on our website one week before the tournament.
Game Time: Games are 12 - 15 minutes, running clock.

*Please note that we may have to make adjustments depending on tournament schedule.
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    3x3 GAMES
    - Three vs. three - 12 to 15 minutes games - Half court - One to two officials - Running clock

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    We have brackets for men, women, boys, and girls ages 11 - 13, 14 - 17, and 18+

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    Please click below to read all rules prior to playing to understand how our tournament works.

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    Please click below to read our refund policy, and details for handling any tournament related matters.

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We have brackets for each of the following groups: 


Men ages 18+
Women ages 18+

High School:
Students 18 years of age or older must compete in the adult bracket, unless they are enrolled and attending high school at the time of the tournament.
Boys ages 14 - 17 (a and b pool games)
Girls ages 14 - 17 (a and b pool games)

Middle School:
Youth up to 8th grade. Students 14 years of age or older must compete in a higher bracket, unless they are enrolled and attending middle school at the time of the tournament. Younger players are allowed to register, if they are confident they can compete in the 11-13 age bracket.
Boys ages 11 - 13 (a and b pool games)
Girls ages 11 - 13 (a and b pool games)

The tournament begins with two pool games for each team.
Playoffs for each bracket: First round, Elite 8, Final 4, Championship Game 
*Please note, playoff structure may change depending on number of teams


Roster: Three player minimum or five player maximum. Players can only play on one team for the tournament.
*Players that would like to play, but cannot form a team may contact us, and we will try our best to place you on another team.
Uniform/Jersey: Each participant must wear Pursuit game jersey (provided by Pursuit).
Tip-off/Jump Ball: A player from either team must shoot a 3-pointer to see which team receives the ball first. If that player makes the shot his/her team will have ball first, and if that player misses the shot the first possession belongs to the other team.

Officials: Officials will be in place during "pool play" and playoff games.
Warm-up: Each team is allotted two-to-five minutes prior to the start of each game (not mandatory).

Ball Possession: On any change of ball possession the team that gained possession must take the ball behind the 3-point arc before attempting to score (under every circumstance). Ball will change possession after each scored basket.

Inbounding: The ball must be checked by the opposing team at the top of the key prior to being put in play. Once the opposing defender "checks" the ball, the ball is live and the offensive player must pass it in. The offensive player will have eight seconds to pass the ball into play. Any violation of this rule will result in loss of possession.
Jump Ball: A possession arrow will be used to determine the outcome of a jump ball scenario. Possession will alternate with every jump ball.

Time Outs: Not allowed, except in the championship game. Each team has one (30 second) timeout when they have possession of the ball.

Substitutions: Player substitutions are only permitted during dead ball situations.
Injury: If a player gets injured before the game, and cannot play, the team may add a replacement player – this player cannot be on another team’s roster in the tournament. The team adding the replacement player must inform us before the team’s next game, in order for us to make roster changes. If a player gets injured during the game, the team will have to play the remainder of that game with its other players, and cannot add a replacement player until the following game.

Fouls: Once a team reaches a combined total of six team fouls the other team will receive a point and the ball. If a team reaches a combined total of 10 team fouls the other team will receive two points and ball. 
Shooting Fouls: if player makes the shot - that player’s team gets two or three points and ball, if player misses the shot the team only gets the ball. 
Flagrant/Technical Foul: For each flagrant or technical foul the opposing team will receive two points and ball. Any team that commits two flagrant or technical fouls in one game will automatically lose or forfeit that game and may be asked to leave the tournament.
Overtime: Two-minute tie-breaker. Start by having a 3-point shootout at the top of the key to see who gets the ball first. Overtime games will last no longer than two minutes. If the score is still tied, then the teams do a 3-point shootout at the top of the key.
Tie Breakers: If more than one team in a given bracket have the same number of wins & losses, we will decide the winner by point differential of the sum of all of their games. If there is no point differential, then those teams will have to do a 3-point shootout.
Forfeiture(s): If a team arrives 10 minutes late to their scheduled game - that is an automatic forfeiture. Any physical altercation started by a member on any given team will also result in automatic forfeiture for that team, for that game (and possibly for the tournament). If a team adds another player to their roster and that player plays in a game, without sign-off from the event coordinator, then that is an automatic forfeiture.
Thank you for your understanding.
Team Pursuit

Issues & Refunds

Please contact us or email us ([email protected]) immediately with any tournament matters, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Refunds: We will provide a full refund for tournament registrations, as long as the refund request is at least one week prior to the tournament. Otherwise, we will only provide a 50% refund. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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